Thursday, January 14, 2016

Some Home-Made Vestment Work

Reader Rev. Timothy Matkin, an Anglican priest from Texas, sent in these photos of a vestment which he made for a friend who is a Catholic priest in Missouri. “He requested a white set, trimmed in blue and silver, made in the more ample style of St. Charles Borromeo or St. Philip Neri. The fabric came from a store in Dallas, the galloon came from Istok in Russia, and the appliques came from LaLame in New York.

I am an Anglican priest in rural Texas. I’ve been making vestments since college as a hobby. I’m not in business, but make them for myself and have made them for friends. It is a blessing to be able to further the worship of God in this way. I’ve made vestments for people all around the country. The most remote place my work has been used is the Anglican cathedral in Zanzibar.”

And here are the chasubles which Rev. Matkin made for Zanzibar.

We also featured a rose-colored vestment of his a bit over three years ago.

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