Wednesday, September 11, 2019

Online Resources: Pius X Breviary and Martyrology in Spanish

Via a friend’s post on Facebook, I just discovered a blog which may potentially be a very useful resource for our Spanish-speaking readers, called Liturgia Tradicional. The author(s) publish an ordo every month for both the Mass and the Divine Office; they have also made available via GoogleDrive Spanish translations of both the Breviary of St Pius X and the Martyrology, which can be downloaded for free. The former was published at Barcelona in 1936, the work of Dom Alfonso Gubianas, a monk of Montserrat Abbey in Catalonia, who also provides a lot of useful annotations and explanatory material. The breviary is split into two volumes, rather than the traditional four; the first covers the period from Advent to the Ember Saturday of Pentecost, and the second, from Trinity Sunday to the end of the liturgical year. The martyrology was published at Madrid in 1953; the post on which it is linked also includes the update for the year 1960. Another post has the Breviary supplement for proper feasts of the various dioceses of Argentina; it is to be hoped that the authors will continue their work of making these kinds of resources available.

The title page of the first volume of the Breviary.
The martyrology entry for Christmas Day in Spanish.

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