Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Marriage: God's Design for Life and Love

From St Anthony Communications comes a new DVD entitled Marriage: God’s Design for Life and Love. Produced in association with The British Province of the Confraternity of Catholic Clergy, it includes interviews with Cardinal Burke, Bishop Mark Davies of Shrewsbury, Fr Marcus Holden and Fr Andrew Pinsent. As with other DVDs from St Anthony Communications, it is very beautifully produced and articulates Catholic teaching in the area of Marriage and Natural Law unambiguously and with great clarity, making this a valuable resource for parishes and schools alike.

Cardinal Burke:

“There is no question that we are living in very difficult and challenging times, but we can’t permit ourselves to be discouraged because we know that Christ is always at work in the lives of those who have entered marriage with sincerity.”

Bishop Mark Davies:

“Christ himself raised marriage to become a sacrament so that marriage, the living out of married life, becomes a means and a way to holiness for the couple and indeed for their children.

And the Church now has a responsibility to give the clarity of her teaching, her vision of life and love, of marriage and the family, not only in words, but also in the witness of our lives, for the sake of the future of civilization, for the sake of the future generations who are still to come.”

You can find more information at the Saint Anthony Communications website.

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