Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Sponsor the NLM Blog to attend important Liturgical Conferences!

Calling all benefactors!

The Idea: NLM weblog attendance at the most important liturgical conferences

The Purpose: 1) Report in detail on the acta of these conferences, including photographs if permissable to conference organizers, to this weblog; 2) use the research presented for advancing the new liturgical movement by means of article writings, reviews, etc. both on this weblog and Catholic periodicals.

The Need: Benefactors willing to fund (either in full or in part) travel and accomodation expenses to this end.

The Reward: See "the purpose", and mull over the heavenly rewards. ;)

The context: The above idea comes as the result of my musing with some of my blog team on how it would be good if I could attend some of the very most important liturgical conferences to better serve this weblog and the new liturgical movement in general. Sadly, this requires significant financial resources, and one's which I simply do not have. A person suggested to me that there are benefactors around who are willing to fund such projects in the name of the good of the sacred liturgy, and for their own benefit by sending someone as their proxy of sorts. At first I felt it too self-serving to even put out the possibility. However, on thinking of it more, I realize, the goal here is really to advance the new liturgical movement, and this means funding people. Moreover, if the Lord wills it, the Lord will provide. If not, I shall be content to serve him in whatever way I can from here.

Therefore, if you are such a benefactor, or if anyone knows of such a benefactor sympathetic to the goals of this blog, and would be interested in funding or helping to fund such a project, please have them contact me privately. In such an instance, money would only exchange hands when such a time occurs that enough money was available for such a venture, and it was confirmed that I would be able to attend. If the latter should not be possible, the offer would be held null and void unless the benefactor should wish to conditionally extend it for possible conferences in the future.

At present, there are two conferences which seem particularly important, both of which are in Oxford:

1) Ever Directed to the Lord Conference, Oxford, England (Oct. 29, 2005) -- Estimated funds that would need to be raised: $1000 USD for flight and moderate accomodation for 2 nights.

2) 2006 CIEL Conference, Oxford, England (Oct. 2006) -- Estimated funds that would need to be raised: $1200 USD

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