Saturday, March 06, 2021

Answer Key for the Scanlons’ Second Latin Now Available

Since the response to the news of the publication (announced here) of an Answer Key for Cora and Charles Scanlon’s Latin Grammar for Reading the Missal and Breviary was so good, Dominican Liturgy Publications​ is pleased to announce the publication of an Answer Key for the Scanlons’ Second Latin: Preparation for Reading Philosophy, Theology, and Canon Law.

This second volume of the Scanlons’ set was originally published in 1944 for use in minor seminaries and even in major seminaries, for seminarians with weak or non-existent Latin. There are exercises reviewing virtually all the grammar, and each chapter has reading exercises from scholastic theology or philosophy manuals, and also from the 1917 Code of Canon Law and the decrees of the Council of Trent. This is an excellent supplement to Latin Grammar for those who want to go beyond the liturgy and the Vulgate Bible either in homeschooling or self-study.

For those who would need copies of the textbooks themselves, Latin Grammar itself is available here and here. The first version has better binding and printing, but the second is cheaper. Second Latin is available here and here. Again, the quality and price differences are the same.

We wish all our readers a fruitful and holy Lent.

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