Sunday, February 16, 2020

Book with Dominican Chants for all the Epistles of the Year Now Available

I am pleased to announce that Dominican Liturgy Publications has made available a companion volume to the Evangelarium O.P. published last month. Just as that volume contained all the Gospels of the Year, Feast days, Commons, and Ritual and Votive Masses for use by the deacon at Solemn Mass, this volume contains all the Epistles and other readings sung by the subdeacon or lector at any Dominican sung Mass.

This new Epistolarium iuxta Ritum Ordinis Praedicatorum can be purchased here. If  purchasers do not already have a copy of the Evangelarium, it can be purchased here. These books have matching covers but differ in size as the Evangelarium is larger for use in  processions.

These companion volumes replace the previously published, but incomplete, Cantus  Lectionum Missarum pro Dominicis et Festis Maioribue, which is still available here.

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