Saturday, November 30, 2019

Contemplative Nuns Need a Chaplain for Both Forms

We received the following request from the prioress of a contemplative monastery, which is in search of a new chaplain, which we gladly pass on to our readers.

“At this time of year when we are thanking God for all His many blessings, we want to publically thank everyone who prayed for us two years ago, and show them the fruit of their prayers. God quickly sent us a wonderful chaplain who showed us the value and beauty of the traditional liturgy, and after much prayer and intense study we made the definitive switch. The Extraordinary Form of the Mass is now offered at our monastery on most days, with sung Masses each Sunday and major feast day. We also pray the older form of the Office in Latin. The nuns are in awe at how our spiritual lives have deepened in the past two years, and we continually discover new treasures as our comprehension of Latin increases.

Our chaplain is being reassigned, so we are once again searching for a priest who loves the traditional Mass to serve as our chaplain, or to fill in temporarily.

Since a picture is worth a thousand words, we have attached one of our postulant lighting the Tenebrae candles, which portrays some of the choicest blessings God has given us: more vocations and the ability to celebrate peak moments in the liturgy in their full splendor. Deo gratias!”

Please see the community’s website for further details and contact information.

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