Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Juventutem Trenton Ignatian Retreat

One of Juventutem's newest U.S. chapters has recently concluded their first event, an Ignatian retreat for young men, which took place last weekend. 

25 young men from several Juventutem chapters attended and it was preached by Rev. Carlos Hamel, FSJC, visiting from his diocese of Frèjus-Toulon, at the Church of St John the Baptist in Allentown.

There were high masses all three days of the retreat and it culminated with a parish Solemn High Mass on Septuagesima Sunday, from which the following pictures come. The celebrant was Fr. Hamel; the deacon was Rev. Brian Patrick Woodrow, the chaplain of Juventutem Trenton; the subdeacon was Rev. Mr. Michael Scannella. The full set of pictures has been uploaded to their Facebook page.

NLM readers may also be interested to learn more about the FSJC (Fraternidad de San José Custodio) which has a particular mission to care for the sacred liturgy. More information is available in an article from last year, as well as the Fraternity's Spanish-language website.  

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